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Works on Paper

In 1982 we began publishing the work of artists who specialised in print making. Today, Works on Paper includes digital imagery, traditional etching, silkscreen, linocut and lithograph. The cards are printed on a paper stock which is sympathetic to all print mediums. This range has over 150 images and is one of the most popular ranges in our collection.

  • Silver Birch, Late Summer
    Roy Wright

    Silver Birch, Late Summer

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  • Whippet
    Sam Marshall


    SKU: 54WPA/2 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Instead of Waiting
    Rob Ryan

    Instead of Waiting

    SKU: 61WPA/1 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Otter Island
    Jane Peart

    Otter Island

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  • Eric Ravilious's Dog II
    Mychael Barratt

    Eric Ravilious’s Dog II

    SKU: 40WPB/2 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Letter Maker
    Eric Ravilious

    Letter Maker

    SKU: 72WPB £2.90 Add to basket
  • Cake Maker
    Eric Ravilious

    Cake Maker

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  • Spring Flowers
    Anita Klein

    Spring Flowers

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  • The Red Ginger Jar
    Celia Lewis

    The Red Ginger Jar

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  • Winter Scene
    Eliza Southwood

    Winter Scene

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  • Train Landscape
    Eric Ravilious

    Train Landscape

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  • Primrose Hill - Summer, after Bruegel
    Mychael Barratt

    Primrose Hill – Summer, after Bruegel

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  • The Rumblings, Muckle Flugga, Shetland
    Norman Ackroyd

    The Rumblings, Muckle Flugga, Shetland

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  • Jive
    Ophelia Redpath


    SKU: 57WPA/1 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Indian Elephant
    Beatrice Forshall

    Indian Elephant

    SKU: 34WPA/3 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Curious Grey Seal
    Mick Manning

    Curious Grey Seal

    SKU: 16WPA/2 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Coming Home
    Frans Wesselman

    Coming Home

    SKU: 37WPB/1 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Lilies and Moths
    Celia Lewis

    Lilies and Moths

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  • Poppy
    Anne Smith


    SKU: 36WPB/1 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Make my Day, Punk
    Sonia Rollo

    Make my Day, Punk

    SKU: 22WPA/3 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Mrs Hokusai's Hairdo
    Mick Davies

    Mrs Hokusai’s Hairdo

    SKU: 8WPB/3 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Carmen and the Bull
    Tom Hammick

    Carmen and the Bull

    SKU: 35WPB/2 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Mother and Cub in the Voe
    Linda Richardson

    Mother and Cub in the Voe

    SKU: 69WPA/1 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Man To Man
    Sonia Rollo

    Man To Man

    SKU: 32WPA/2 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Hare
    Celia Lewis


    SKU: 26WPA/3 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Torbay, Devon
    Brian Sweet

    Torbay, Devon

    SKU: 27WPA/3 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Barn Owl
    Celia Lewis

    Barn Owl

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  • Clock Couple
    Rob Ryan

    Clock Couple

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  • Chrysanthemums and Running Water
    Ohara Koson

    Chrysanthemums and Running Water

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  • Scops Owl, Cherry Blossoms, and Moon
    Ohara Koson

    Scops Owl, Cherry Blossoms, and Moon

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  • Plovers and Waves
    Ohara Koson

    Plovers and Waves

    SKU: 93WPA £2.90 Add to basket
  • Cliffs of Moher
    Brian Sweet

    Cliffs of Moher

    SKU: 92WPA £2.90 Add to basket
  • North Uist Eagle
    Mick Manning

    North Uist Eagle

    SKU: 91WPA £2.90 Add to basket
  • Zebra
    Beatrice Forshall


    SKU: 44WPB/1 £2.90 Add to basket
  • Breaking ranks
    Jane Peart

    Breaking ranks

    SKU: 90WPA £2.90 Add to basket
  • The White Horse
    Eliza Southwood

    The White Horse

    SKU: 41WPA/2 £2.90 Add to basket