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Jill Leman

I paint in watercolour/acrylic. Working from my studio in North London, my subjects are mainly flowers and still life, sometimes cats, buildings and portraits.

I’m President of the Royal Watercolour Society and a member of the Royal Society of British Artists.

  • CHRISTMAS CARD PACK (5) Waiting for Christmas
    Jill Leman

    CHRISTMAS CARD PACK (5) Waiting for Christmas

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  • Cornflowers in Wedgwood Mug
    Jill Leman

    Cornflowers in Wedgwood Mug

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  • Lilies and Heart
    Jill Leman

    Lilies and Heart

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  • Daisies
    Jill Leman


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  • Blackbird and Nasturtiums
    Jill Leman

    Blackbird and Nasturtiums

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