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Eliza Southwood

I practiced as an architect for ten years before deciding to take up a career as an artist and illustrator full-time in 2010, although I have consistently drawn and painted throughout my life. My first illustration commission was a Spanish children’s book, when I was aged 13.

  • Winter Scene
    Eliza Southwood

    Winter Scene

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  • The White Horse
    Eliza Southwood

    The White Horse

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  • Walton Rowers
    Eliza Southwood

    Walton Rowers

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  • Rowers
    Eliza Southwood


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  • Amstel Gold
    Eliza Southwood

    Amstel Gold

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  • Oranges and Lemons
    Eliza Southwood

    Oranges and Lemons

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  • Downs (Sussex)
    Eliza Southwood

    Downs (Sussex)

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  • Uphill
    Eliza Southwood


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