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Celia Lewis

Celia is a printmaker, specialising in linocutting, as well as an artist and has recently been combining the two to produce unique mixed media pieces. Having achieved her Diploma from the Chelsea School of Botanical Art she has branched out into botanical linocuts.

  • The Red Ginger Jar
    Celia Lewis

    The Red Ginger Jar

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  • Lilies and Moths
    Celia Lewis

    Lilies and Moths

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  • Hare
    Celia Lewis


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  • Barn Owl
    Celia Lewis

    Barn Owl

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  • Mixed Tulips
    Celia Lewis

    Mixed Tulips

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  • Puffin
    Celia Lewis


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  • Cacophony of Cockerels
    Celia Lewis

    Cacophony of Cockerels

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  • Giraffe on Blue Blockprint
    Celia Lewis

    Giraffe on Blue Blockprint

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  • Blackbirds in a Crab Apple Tree
    Celia Lewis

    Blackbirds in a Crab Apple Tree

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  • Puffins
    Celia Lewis


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  • Oystercatchers
    Celia Lewis


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  • Zebras on Blockprint
    Celia Lewis

    Zebras on Blockprint

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