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Anna Pugh

Anna Pugh is one of England’s leading artists and lives in Sussex. Whimsical imagery including folklore and often a unicorn.

  • Just Us
    Anna Pugh

    Just Us

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  • Love Song
    Anna Pugh

    Love Song

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  • Butterflies 2007
    Anna Pugh

    Butterflies 2007

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  • A Word to the Wise
    Anna Pugh

    A Word to the Wise

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  • Everything Must Go
    Anna Pugh

    Everything Must Go

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  • Seventh Heaven
    Anna Pugh

    Seventh Heaven

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  • In the Mood
    Anna Pugh

    In the Mood

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  • A Bit of a Whizz About
    Anna Pugh

    A Bit of a Whizz About

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  • Magic
    Anna Pugh


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  • Hang Gliding in Heels
    Anna Pugh

    Hang Gliding in Heels

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